Race - Genosian


==Medium Size
Stat Modifiers: +2 Str +2 Dex -2 Cha
Genosians are strong and agile, but centuries of a communistic caste system have left the Tehran Genosians awkward at best in conversation, and untrusting more often than not of others.
Movement: Land 30ft

Humanoid (Human) (11 RP)
Languages: Genosian
May select from Common, Elven, Dwarven or Gnomish if they have a high intelligence.
Genosians may be integrating into society, but after centuries of only their own people, and a century of war with Terra have left them distrusting of strangers, always leery of others motives.

   Military Heritage:  
1  CMD
   Disciplined Society:
4  to Constitution checks and Fortitude Saves to avoid fatigue and exhaustion, as well as any effects from running, forced marching, starvation, thirst, and hot or cold environments. A Genosian is never fatigued from sleeping in armor.
  True Soldier: 2  Bonus on all saving throws against Fear Effects.
  Borne of Technology:
2  to All Craft and Profession checks to craft objects from Stone or Metal
  Advanced Peoples: Genosians begin play with the bonus feat ‘Technologist’

Genosians are an orphaned people, lost children of a slowly resuscitating planet. Upon achieving peace and aiding in the fall of the “Devourer of All” the technological people of Genosia discovered themselves in a situation no persons of the Empire had ever been in before… A time without war or strife. Their dead world, a home torn apart by their once abundant use of magic, was slowly regaining its life thanks to the aid of their once enemy, the Tehrans; in turn leaving the Majority of the Genosians Warrior Caste without purpose… and in Genosian Society, those without purpose are nothing more than a burden onto all of Genosia and her limited resources. Having no use for the majority of their warriors, the Genosians cast out their once prized peoples to live upon Terra in their new colony, a glorified diplomatic town whose existence is only for trade of Terra’s magical artifacts such as potions, druidic charms for crops, etc.

Genosian society is heavily caste base, and even when cast out, the Genosian warriors still adhere to this caste. The town guards are born into their place and die in their place. The town craftsman are born craftsman and die craftsman. This mentality of castes makes it hard for Genosians to leave their social comfort zone, often being phobic of betraying their caste or worse, flat out abandoning it. As such, most Genosians in New Genosia City are stifled and awkward, everyone who is not a guard finding themselves doing jobs reserved for the Mind Caste, The Social Caste, or the Farm Caste.

Genosians are xenophobic, knowing no other races save for the races of Terra whom they fought in the Century War, or The Battle of Terra as the Tehrans know it. Due to their learned and cultured xenophobia, Genosians almost never form strong bonds with any non-Genosian they meet, meeting friendliness with distrust and kindness with concern. This is not born of malice though, just centuries of cold discipline beaten and trained into the Warrior caste who find themselves, these attack dogs without teeth or master, trying to rediscover what it is to be a person… and individual.==

Race - Genosian

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